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Our Vision:
Freedom of Expression

We are in a time where a person can spend 30+ years grinding every single day to be one of the best comedians in the industry, struggling through hard times and overcoming defeat just to be somebody – only to have it torn away when somebody on Twitter is mad at a joke from decades prior.

This is not freedom of speech as it was intended. An oft-quoted moniker remarks that “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences” and, while that is true, it does not justify destroying a person’s life over a joke.

It seems like a rushed script to remake George Orwell’s accredited book, “Nineteen Eighty-Four“, yet it is the truth for so many and continues to this day.

This truth and reality is known among all. It is even admitted by the proponents of such a culture wherein emotions and feelings dictate what can be joked or even spoken about.

So what’s the solution?

Enter Globe Media Holdings.

Any description of our group would be selling it short. We are a community, an idea, a vision and a culture.

We bring together people who may want to just be able to joke about what they want or want to make an actual difference in the world.

This involves a number of goals we have to meet in a dynamic world that constantly changes the rules of the game and the shape of the goal post.

But our community does not need to follow the leader – we are the leaders.

GMH consultants

Our vast network and web of tools are led by a team of the most capable names in the industry today.

Dustin Levitt

There is not a single person in this part of the internet that has seen more, started more, been involved more, or influenced more of what will always be historical moments in the web's history. Dustin is a natural born leader. His vision and the executions therein have led to the birth and growth of what we now refer to as Globe Media Holdings.

Tina Mironov

Cunning, brutal and decisive. Tina's cadence is undeniable and his efficiency is dominating. Operating exclusively behind the scenes and under an air of mystery, Tina has built the structure of Globe Media Holdings and set the path to success for the powerful team at Globe Media Holdings.

Lindsey Croft

Combining a perfect balance of ruthless ambition and ingenious asset coordination, Lindsey Croft creates a compelling system of content generation and ensures the guidelines of GMH are adhered to at every step of the way. She is knowledgeable, all-encompassing and devastating in every move.

Nora Lovecraft

As the most senior executive in the finance department, Nora runs the group's financial functions. This may include credit, budgeting, insurance, and taxes. As CFO, she also oversees the treasurer and financial controller who handle daily operations.

Joseph Douglas

As CSO, Joseph is the senior executive who manages and maintains our group's vision, strategy, and program to protect our information and technologies. Duties include establishing policies related to security; overseeing compliance with regulations; and enduring data and information privacy.


As the senior executive in charge of GMH's Marketing, Laura manages the development and execution of our group's advertising and marketing, tasked with increasing sales by utilizing research on pricing, competitive analysis, market research, marketing communications, advertising, and PR.

Neville Croft

Neville Croft is primarily responsible for managing the communications risks and opportunities of a business, both internally and externally. As CCO, Neville partners with others in the organization to communicate with brands, staff and company Board members. We rely on Neville to advise and participate in decisions that impact the ongoing reputation of the firm.

Gordon Hayes

As the most senior executive in the projects division, Gordon is tasked with the ultimate execution and sustainability of all brands and their goals. He directs resources and tasks to ensure the best available measure of efficiency and fulfillment for those involved. His value is immeasurable as he is the grease in the cogs of the machine.

What Do We
Aim For?

Our primary principles and goals are ingrained in our pillars of excellence.
Based Advertisers
By bringing together companies that unequivocally stand against outrage culture, we aim to host an ad network that is not only impervious to public outrage but can stand to benefit from it.
Moral Aptitude
Our principles, morals and stances are unflinching and unchanging. We are decidedly against unprovoked acts of violence, any form of pedophilia and the unwarranted hatred based on a person's skin color, sexuality, religious preference or disability. We will not become beholden to what virtue signalers have deemed to be the hot issue.
Free Speech
It is not enough to be shielded from legal consequences for your speech - we must also prevent feelings and emotions from ruining the livelihoods of those who had no ill will. To be "cancelled" is, in some cases, a fate worse than prison. We propose a future where discussions can be had freely without the need to hide your thoughts in the dark.
Golden Humor
To laugh is to smile. Too long have we allowed those who are miserable in their own lives to decide what we can or can't laugh at. One of our primary missions is to provide a publishing platform for writers, actors, comedians, directors and more wherein they can produce their humor as it was conceived for the public to consume as they please - not as the critics allow.
Open Community
It all starts with our internal organization. We enforce a standard wherein a person will not be disciplined for words but rather their actions. If a person is offensive, abrasive or aggressive, it is on the herd to correct the action. Only if the person disregards what they know to be right and continues being a negative force will we involve our administrators.
Reciprocated Service
Our group operates largely without funding. By appealing to the social and freedom-yearning nature of human beings, we accrue a number of professionals from all industries who share their skills and services for free with community members in return for a similar arrangement. This might be the only working example of socialism.

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    Copyright by Globe Media Holdings. All rights reserved.

    Copyright by Globe Media Holdings. All rights reserved.