A corporation that cares

We aren’t like other corporations

We pride ourselves on not just focusing on profits and products – but everything else in this world. We want to have an opinion about everything as long as it means a more handsome profit margin.

That’s right, we hire women.

We are destroying the glass ceiling.

We don’t care about the “status quo”. At Globe Media Holdings, we don’t just hire men – we hire less efficient staff as well. It’s not just about money, it’s about family.

Based on 2022 hiring projections, we will need to raise the consumer price index to reflect new bathrooms.

Loans, credit and vouchers

Do you need money? Would you be okay with paying for that money with more money later on?

Business loans

We provide our clients with a range of immediate cash infusions with minimal interest rates around 27.99% APR

Credit Lines

Perhaps your business needs unlimited cash flow and you have enough assets for us to seize. Apply for a seemingly endless line of credit.

Unlimited deposits

We provide wallet services that allow you to keep your funds secure and ready for withdrawal as long as you give us 3 days notice.

Want to know more about what we offer?

Empowering brands that suck

We don’t care about morality and integrity

We aren’t burdened with consciences. Our brands are inflammatory and unhinged but that’s only because we are trying to further our Democratic agenda. I mean… the Republicans… yes, the Republicans are the ones to look out for.

If you have a brand that you think would be good for a holding company that doesn't care about the devaluation of this country and its society, don't hestitate - call us now!

Some of our brands